FAQ / Other info


Stickers will be sent out using untracked First Class Mail. I pack orders every other weekday. Please let me know (using the contact form) if the stickers show up damaged or if there are any other issues.

Q: I'm trans and I want these, but they're out of my budget.

I have a discount code set up that will give you these stickers at cost (less than $1 each). Use the contact form to ask for one! I'm near a computer pretty often, so I should be able to respond pretty quickly.

Q: I'm cisgender and I would like to complain about pricing.

I recommend reading this article, and then giving your money to trans people.

Q: I see you in person pretty often, so I would like you to just hand me my order.

Use discount code 2CHEAP4STAMP for free shipping. 😜

Q: Can I Venmo/Cashapp to pay so you can avoid Stripe fees?

Only if we know eachother in real life.

Q: What if I want to donate more?

Cool! Donate directly to Trans Emergency Fund, or search #TransCrowdFund on Twitter or GoFundMe to find some fundraisers.


If you have other questions, use the Contact Form!