dead bird postcard 3-pack

dead bird postcard 3-pack

3 4x6 inch prints. totally sturdy enough to use as postcards. The back is 95% blank.

I will use untracked First-Class mail and bare-minimum packaging. If you want something fancier and more expensive, contact me.

"Will these be available as singles?" Uh maybe.

"ok but can i get a closer look at what i'm buying?" If you live anywhere near Broadway Bicycle School, walk in when they're open and ask for Door 3 Gallery. Also consider getting your bike tuned up or buying some bike accessories to support my favorite worker-owned local bike shop.

"wow you're still using zsh? let me tell you about what i'm using" no. no. shut up. go away. don't talk to me. you have no idea how close i am to throwing my computer into the charles river.